God Grant me the Serenity to Accept the things I Cannot Change,
Courage to Change the things I Can,
and the Wisdom to Know the Difference”.


The WSC BDA Committee is calling for stories focused on
Business Debtors Anonymous to include in our literature

We would love to hear your story!
Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

      • Please keep your story between 200-1200 words
      • We ask that you share your experience, strength, and hope from a DA perspective about how your business has been an integral part of your recovery.
      • Please share a bit about your background in business as it relates to BDA, while still maintaining your anonymity.

Optional points to include in your essay:

      • How your business has helped you to fulfill the promises of D.A.
      • How you use the DA tools and BDA Tools in your business.
      • How you take a spiritual approach in your business.

Send submissions to: BDAStories2019@gmail.com  before 12-22-19.
Please include your first name, phone number and email address.
Also include the “Assignment of Rights” document
. (See link below)

If you need help writing your story, we can help with an informal interview.
Ask for help at:
Please include your first name, phone number and email address

See link below for more information.
BDAStoriesFlier2019 questionnaire assignment of rights v .2 11-21-19




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