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2022 NJPADA Intergroup Service Positions
Chair:  Deb S
Vice Chair: 
Treasurer:  Frank M
Corresponding Secretary:  Cynthia K
Recording Secretary:  Michelle S
Public Information Rep:  Serena M
Webmaster: Frank M

About NJPADA Intergroup

NJPADA Intergroup is a gathering of D.A. members who represent D.A. groups throughout New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. NJPADA Intergroup also serves the needs of members who attend meetings on the telephone (Debtors Anonymous Telephone Intergroup – DATIG), or on the internet. NJPADA Intergroup meets in a monthly Zoom meeting (see NJPADA Calendar), to plan and provide services for the entire region. NJPADA Intergroup plays a vital role in carrying the D.A. message to the still suffering debtor and is often the first point of contact for people struggling with debt and debting.

The primary purpose of NJPADA Intergroup is to support the D.A. meetings within its regional area and to help direct newcomers to those meetings. Beyond this basic and fundamental purpose, NJPADA Intergroup serves as a clearinghouse for information. Groups elect representatives to general meetings of NJPADA Intergroup and share their experience, strength, and hope in carrying the message. New ideas and approaches are exchanged. Groups share their knowledge and experience with new or struggling group.

NJPADA Intergroup also provides opportunities for cooperation on fellowship projects that are beyond the capacity of any one group. Thus, NJPADA Intergroup develops regional meeting lists, develops and maintains a website, and sponsors events which enable debtors to come together and share their recovery.

Send contributions to

NJPADA Treasurer
PO Box 7212
Philadelphia, PA 19101-7212

Indicate “7th Tradition” in check memo line for individual contributions.
Indicate DA Group Name and Number and location in check memo line for Group donations.
Or click on the links below to contribute via Venmo, Paypal, or your bank’s Bill Pay system.

Serenity Prayer (extended version)
God, grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

Grant me patience with the changes that take time,
an appreciation for all that I have,
tolerance of those with different struggles,
and the strength to get up and try again,
one day at a time.

If you are experiencing solvency, consider making a contribution to NJPADA. Contributions are used to fund the General Service Office (GSO), the John H. Scholarship Fund, the NJPADA Intergroup, and to host future Share-A-Days and other NJPADA special events.

NJPADA 7th Tradition Contribution Instructions

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